How Caregivers Can Help Manage Your Medications

How Caregivers Can Help Manage Your Medications

Caregivers in Oregon don’t just provide in-home care services, they also play a huge role in managing your medications. While the latter is something you can do on your own, taking multiple medications, forgetfulness, vision problems, or misunderstanding your prescribed drugs can hinder compliance.

Here are how in-home care professionals can help you take your drugs as prescribed by your physician:

  • They act as manual reminders.
    Some elderly patients are not aware they are taking their medications incorrectly—dosage, time of the day, or even skipping them altogether. Caregivers at an assisted living care setting can remind you of your medications by providing a chart or pill dispenser to ensure that the right dose is taken at the right time.
  • They ensure you follow instructions.
    Most prescriptions have specific restrictions and instructions to guarantee their effectiveness. To ensure these are strictly followed, caregivers at a Home Care in King City, Oregon will spend time thoroughly reviewing the instructions and interactions of your prescribed drugs. Drug interactions and complications are greatly minimized with their help.
  • They communicate with your physicians.
    On some of your appointments, your doctor may implement certain changes in your medications and the schedule of intake. Caregivers take note of these and help you follow through. They also record whether or not you’re having any issues with your medications or dosages and communicate these observations to your physician.

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